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Geography-Geology Building, Room 120A
Research Interests:

Urban geography, housing and neighborhoods, race, political economy, maps, statistics



Selected Publications:

Markley, S., T. Hafley, C. Allums, S. Holloway, and H. Chung. (2020). The limits to homeownership: racial capitalism, Black wealth, and the appreciation gap in Atlanta. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 44(2): 310-328.

Allums, C. and S. Markley. (2020). The new suburban secession: a postfascist turn in Atlanta’s cityhood movement. Metropolitics, 10 March 2020, URL:

Markley, S. and C. Allums. (forthcoming). Postfascist (sub)urbanism: “social cleansing” in the age of Trump. In B. Warf (ed.), Political Landscapes in the Age of Donald Trump. New York: Routledge.

Markley, S. (2018). Suburban gentrification? Examining the geographies of New Urbanism in Atlanta’s inner suburbs. Urban Geography 39(4): 606-30.

Markley, S. (2018). New Urbanism and race: an analysis of neighborhood change in suburban Atlanta. Journal of Urban Affairs. 40(8): 1115-31.

Markley, S. (2018). From exclusion to expulsion: demolition, displacement, and race in Atlanta’s northern suburbs. Atlanta Studies. October 30, 2018.

Markley, S. and M. Sharma. (2016). Keeping Knoxville Scruffy? Urban entrepreneurialism, creativity, and gentrification down the urban hierarchy. Southeastern Geographer, 56(4): 384-408.

Markley, S. and M. Sharma. (2016). Gentrification in the revanchist suburb: the politics of removal in Roswell, Georgia. Southeastern Geographer, 56(1): 57-80.