A student, upon completing an M.A./M.S. degree and wishing to continue for the Ph.D. degree must apply for admission and funding consideration and be considered along with applicants external to the program. If recommended for admission by the Graduate Coordinator and Graduate Studies Committee, the Coordinator will present the student's admission decision to the full faculty for approval or rejection.

Courses taken the the M.A./M.S. degree not listed on the Program of Study may be used to count toward the Ph.D. Normally these courses will only be taken after completing the course requirements of the M.A./M.S. degree. GEOG 8900 and GEOG 8901 may not be carried forward - they must be repeated during the Ph.D. program.

Note: M.A./M.S. students should not assume that they will be permitted to pursue any degree other than the one in which they are currently admitted until they receive formal faculty and Graduate School approval for their admission.