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Ellen Delgado Florian

Graduate Student

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Center for Geoespatial Research
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Center for Geospatial Research

Ellen Delgado is an environmental engineer dedicated to working on geospatial research projects to support conservation initiatives and environmental management. She works at the Center for Geospatial Research (CGR) as a Graduate Research Assistant in the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (SHEP) of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, (PI, Sergio Bernardes and Co-PI, Marguerite Madden). 

As part of her work, Delgado has participated in important projects with governmental institutions such as the National Commission for Aerospace Research and Development of Peru, the Ceja de Selva Research Institute for Sustainable Development, and the Peruvian Amazon Research Institute (IIAP). Her research interest has mainly focused on the application of remote sensing technologies and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to the study of land use and land-use change, and the mapping of environmental goods and services in the tropics. Delgado has also collaborated as a GIS consultant with non-governmental organizations such as Nature and Culture International and the Peruvian Society of Environmental Law. Her work has served to support conservation initiatives in marine and inland ecosystems in Peru.

Since 2017, Delgado and her collaborators have been studying the application of remote sensing technologies for the study of protected areas in cloud forests in the Northeast of Peru. She is a member of the Ecohealth and Urban Ecology 
Laboratory of the Cayetano Heredia University, where she collaborates with the NASA DEVELOP Athens node project on the application of remote sensing technologies to inform public health interventions for the prevention of zoonotic diseases in the Peruvian Amazon.

In addition to her academic activities, Delgado has participated in volunteer conservation and ecotourism initiatives with local communities in the Amazon of Peru. She holds a degree in Environmental Engineering and is a Fellow of Education USA Peru, a program of the U.S. Embassy. Delgado is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Geography at the University of Georgia.

Recognition of high Andean peatlands at the Communal Private Conservation Area San Pedro de Chuquibamba. Photo from Nature and Culture International/Michell Leon
High Andean peatlands, San Pedro de Chuquibamba, Amazonas, Peru. © Nature and Culture International/ Michell Leon

M.S. in Geography (Current), University of Georgia.

B.S. in Environmental Engineering (2018), Toribio Rodriguez de Mendoza National University, Peru.  


Graduate Research Assistantship (2021-2024), Center for Geospatial Research, University of Georgia. 

Education USA scholarship, Opportunity Funds Program, US Embassy (2020). 

Scholarship for academic internship USA (2020), Agricultural Innovation Program of Peru and Wold Bank.

Selected Publications:

Sarmiento, F. O., Bush, M.B., Church, W., Van Valkenburgh, P., Oliva, M., Delgado, E., Rojas, N. and Fernandez, S.2020. Historicity of cloud forest microrefugia and conservation woes of Chachapoyas in the Peruvian jungle's brow. Pages.   Available at:

Delgado, E. (2018). Changes in land use and vegetation cover in the Hierba Buena-Allpayacku Private Conservation Area and its surrounding area, Amazonas, 2017. Faculty of environmental engineering. Toribio Rodríguez de Mendoza National University.

Curatola, G., Makowsky, S., Scheske, C. & Delgado, E. (2019). Mapping and identification of high Andean peat bogs in the Cocahuaico Basin, Bongará, Amazonas, Peru. Internal report. Peruvian Society of Environmental Law-We, Conservamos por Naturaleza initiative.U.S. funded project Fish and Wildlife Service -USA.

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Marguerite Madden

Professor/Director of the Center for Geospatial Research

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