On the Market: Abhishek Kumar

PhD Date:
Jul 2020
Courses Regularly Taught:
Dissertation Chair: Deepak R Mishra
Dissertation Committee:
Dissertation Committee (External):
Alan Covich

I am a PhD candidate and my dissertation is focused on the use of multiple new and past satellite sensors towards developing  remote sensing models for detection, quantification, and monitoring of Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms (CyanoHABs) in inland lakes and coastal lagoons. I am also lab instructor for three remote sensing courses that include "Remote Sensing of Environment (GEOG 4350)", "Digital Image Analysis (GEOG 4450)", and "Field Methods in Remote Sensing (GEOG 4460)". My primary research interest is the applications of remote sensing and geospatial science in water resources, mangroves/forest/vegetation, and climate change studies.  

Over the past four years at University of Georgia, I have been involved in several NASA and NSF projects that have utilized multi-platform remote sensing data toward aquatic, environmental, and natural resource management issues. My role in these projects was to develop remote sensing models, analyze data, and extract useful information and finally lead to write manuscripts for publication in peer reviewed journals. I also maintain the CyanoTRACKER website (http://cyanotracker.uga.edu/) and social media platforms (https://twitter.com/cyanotracker) (https://www.facebook.com/cyanotracker) for this project, which is helpful to disseminate the timely information regarding CyanoHABs to the public and observe the broader impact of the project.