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Research Areas

The Department of Geography at UGA has been a leading center of scholarship about earth's landscapes and human relationships to the envoronment. Our inquiries encompass a wide range of topics, from the economies of cities and cultures of built landscapes, to tropical climates and the flow of polar ice sheets. We combine rigorous empirical work with deeply conceptual theoretical analyses, always recognizing the importance of both spatial processes and accumulated histories. We use geographic analyses to illuminate the abiding problems of the modern world.

Geographic Information Science

Work in GIScience seeks to redefine geographic concepts and their use in the context of geographic information systems (GIS). GIScience draws from and overlaps with more specialized research fields such as computer science, statistics, mathematics, and psychology, while it also contributes to further developments in those fields. GIScience research in the geography department at UGA includes a wide range of work on remote sensing, cartographic visualization,…

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Earth, Environment, and Climate

The Earth and its environment represent a complex and dynamic system that has undergone change for millions of years. For most of this time, changes to Earth's physical environment could be attributed to natural processes, but in the era of human activity, anthropogenic processes have become more important. Current direction for earth and environmental research is (1) to study past, current, and future interactions among the continents, oceans, atmosphere,…

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People, Place, and Identity

The research interests of the Human Geography faculty focus upon how economic, political, and social practices are shaped by place and location and how, in turn, such practices shape the ways in which economic, political, and social landscapes are produced. Although members of the faculty engage in empirical research upon a wide range of issues using a variety of methodological and theoretical approaches, they share a critical engagement with issues of social…

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