A rare glimpse into the Ice Age

The recent discovery of well-preserved remains of Pleistocene mammal species, including the Columbian mammoth, American mastodon and giant ground sloth, together with extensive plant matter, insects and invertebrates, at an excavation site near Snowmass Village, CO is providing researchers with a unique opportunity to assess the role that climate and environmental change played in Pleistocene megafauna population dynamics.

Secret garden

There's something different about the geography-geology building roof.

Instead of the usual flat, gray roof, the geography-geology building is 2,200 square feet of grass, vegetables and green space. Topped with raised beds full of rich soil, plants and produce bursting with color, theĀ Green Roof GardenĀ is student-run garden that started about seven years ago by a team of faculty and students in the geography department known as the Athens Urban Food Collective.