Kathleen Parker

Kathleen Parker


Kathleen C. Parker

Emeritus Professor

Email: kcparker@uga.edu
Office: Geog-Geol Bldg, 210 Field Street, Athens, Georgia 30602, B23

Research Interests

Biogeography, Plant Population Dynamics and Genetics, Arid Lands



  • Ph.D. (1982), University of Wisconsin

Grant Support

  • 1992-1993 Parker, K. C.  National Geographic Society.  "Vegetation patterns in desert landscapes:  simple-gradient or complex- mosaic model?"  $5315.
  • 1994-1996 Parker, K. C., and A. J. Parker.  National Science Foundation.  "Multi-scale analysis of the biogeography, ecology, and genetic structure of sand pine (Pinus clausa)" (#SBR-9313704).  $170,000.
  • 1996-1997 Parker, K. C., and D. H. McCay.  National Science Foundation.  "Doctoral Dissertation Research:  The Role of Historical and Environmental Factors in the Invasion of Pine Forests in the Florida Panhandle."  (#SBR-9628027).  $8417.
  • 1997-1998 Parker, K. C., and J. C. Rodgers, III.  National Science Foundation.  "Doctoral Dissertation Research: the occurrence of herbaceous alien plant species with respect to environmental stress and anthropogenic influences on the georgia sea islands." (SBR-9701830).  $7776.
  • 1996-1997 Parker, K. C.  UGA Office of Instruction Development, Instructional Improvement Grants.  "World Wide Web-Based Exercises in Physical Geography."  $1980.

Selected Publications


Parker, K. C., D. W. Trapnell, J. L. Hamrick, W. C. Hodgson, and A. J. Parker, 2010. Inferring ancient Agave cultivation practices from contemporary genetic patterns. Molecular Ecology 19:1622-1637.

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Book Chapters

Herod, A., and K. C. Parker, 2010. Operational decisions. In B. Gomez, and J. P. Jones, III, eds., Research methods in geography: A critical introduction, pp. 60-76, London: Blackwell Publishing.

Parker, K. C. , 2002. "Fire in the pre-European lowlands of the American Southwest." In T. R. Vale, ed., Western wilderness: Fire, native peoples, and the natural landscape, pp. 101-141, Washington, D. C.: Island Press.