Thomas Hodler

Thomas Hodler


Thomas W. Hodler

Emeritus Professor

Office: Geog-Geol Bldg, 210 Field Street, Athens, Georgia 30602, B35

Research Interests

Thematic, Production and Computer-Assisted Cartography



  • Ph.D. (1977), Oregon State University

Selected Publications

Yang, Xiaojun and Thomas W. Hodler. , 2000. Visual and Statistical Comparisons of Surface Modeling Techniques for Point Based Environmental Data, Cartography and Geographic Information Science, Vol. 27, No. 2, pp. 165-175.

Thomas W. Hodler, Neal Lawson, and Howard A. Schretter, 1996. The Interactive Atlas of Georgia, version 2.2D. Institute of Community and Area Development (ICAD). The University of Georgia, Athens, GA.

Hodler, Thomas W. , 1996. "Use of Animated Mapping for Displaying Temporal Data," invited for inclusion in the Proceedings of the Seminar on the Teaching of Animated Cartography, International Cartographic Association, Madrid, Spain, August 30-September 1, 1995, pp 79-83.

Hodler, Thomas W. , 1994. "Do Geographers Really Need To Know Cartography?" Urban Geography, 15(5): 409-410. [editorial]

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James Holt, C.P. Lo and Thomas W. Hodler. , 2004. Dasymetric Estimation of Population Density and Areal Interpolation of Census Data to Compensate for Census Geography Changes, Metropolitan Atlanta, 1980-2000. Cartography and Geographic Information Science. Vol 31, No. 2, pp. 103-121.