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  • Ph.D. (1991), University of Wisconsin
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Recent 1st & 2nd Authored Journal Articles:

2012:  (Wang, L. and Leigh, D.S.) Late Holocene paleofloods in the Upper Little Tennessee River Valley, Southern Blue Ridge Mountains, USA. The Holocene 22, 1061-1066.

2012:  (Benstead, J. P. and Leigh, D.S.)  Expanding the global role of streams and rivers.  Nature Geoscience 5, 678-679.

2013:  (Leigh, D.S., Kowalewski, S.A., Holdridge, G.H.  3400 Years of Agricultural Engineering in Mesoamerica: Lama-Bordos of the Mixteca Alta, Oaxaca, Mexico.  Journal of Archaeological Science 40, 4107-4111.

2013:  (Rogers, J.C., and Leigh, D.S.)  Modeling stream bank erosion in the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains.  Physical Geography 34, 354-372.

2014:  (Jensen, C.K. and Leigh, D.S., and Jackson, R.C.)  Scales and Arrangements of Large Wood in First- through Fifth-order Streams of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Physical Geography 35, 532-560.

2015:  (Jackson, C.R., Leigh, D.S., Long, L.S., Chamblee, J.F.), Herbaceous versus forested riparian vegetation:  Narrow and simple versus wide, woody and diverse stream habitat USA.  River Research and Applications 31, 847-857.

2015:  (Leigh, D.S., Gragson, T.L, Coughlan, M.R.)  Pedogenic effects of mid- to late-Holocene conversion of forests to pastures in the French western Pyrenees.  Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie 59, 225-245.

2015:  (Wang, L. and Leigh, D.S.)  Anthropic signatures in alluvium of the Upper Little Tennessee River valley, Southern Blue Ridge Mountains, USA,  Anthropocene 11, 35-47.

2016:  (Leigh, D.S., Gragson, T.L, Coughlan, M.R.)  Colluvial legacies of millennial landscape change on individual hillsides, place-based investigation in the western Pyrenees Mountains.  Quaternary International 402, 61-71.

2018: Leigh, D.S., Vertical accretion sand proxies of gaged floods along the upper Little Tennessee River, Blue Ridge Mountains, USA, Sedimentary Geology, 364, 342-350.  (

Recent Sole Authored Book Chapters:

2016:  (Leigh, D.S.).  Multi-millennial Record of Erosion and Fires in the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains, USA. In (K. Greenberg & B. Collins, Eds.), pp. 167-202. “Natural Disturbances and Range of Variation: Type, Frequency, Severity, and Post-disturbance Structure in Central Hardwood Forests”.  Springer, Basel, Switzerland.