Friday, April 6, 2018 - 8:59am

UGA College of Environment and Design graduate student Kiley Aguar and Geography Department - University of Georgia student Ian Rossiter visited Griffin+Spalding to assist The City of Griffin on a master plan to incorporate trails throughout the city for more interconnected walking, running, and bike paths #InGriffin

"UGA Archway Partnership graduate assistants, Mary, Keely, Kiley, and Ian have recently been working with the City of Griffin in Spaulding County, Georgia, to develop a city-wide pedestrian trail network. Here you can see Kiley, Ian, and Griffin officials sketching out different ideas on a map of the city. Working off these sketches, the students have attempted to string together city properties, easements, out-of-service railways, existing trails, and wide right-of-ways to increase connectivity for walking, running, and biking between the different neighborhoods, parks, and city hubs. Students will present their completed plan to the City of Griffin at the end of April 2018."

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