Friday, June 8, 2018 - 2:37pm

Geography opens doors to understanding that nature and society are never independent of each other— across time and space, our world can best be understood as socio-natural.  Geography has always combined an interest in the physical/biological environment of our planet with an interest in the ways that human societies interact with that environment.  Today is an especially exciting time to be a geographer because of the ways that humans and the non-human environment are interacting with ever greater consequences.  

Geography at the University of Georgia opens doors to understanding and intervening in the intersections of nature and society, in space, in cities, in gardens and agricultural settings, on coastal islands, and below the surface of the earth.   

Geography has always been an interstitial discipline, as evident in the work profiled in the Spring 2018 newsletter.  Institutional support for interdisciplinarity open doors for faculty and student researchers to build bridges between areas of study and thus to ask increasingly complex questions about the world around us.   

As you can see in the following pages, Geography at UGA opens doors to important research questions, innovative pedagogy and exciting careers.  

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