Monday, April 23, 2018 - 11:13am
CURO Research Opportunities for Fall 2018

The Community Mapping Lab in UGA’s Department of Geography is offering undergraduates the opportunity to participate in independent research projects in Fall 2018. We are searching for three or four undergraduate students interested in working independently on a real-world research project. Some potential opportunities include the following:

• United Way of Northeast Georgia: Create an online map showing social services located in close proximity to ACC bus lines.
• Dolly Parton Library: Identify the locations of recent program participants and help the program make stronger connections to elementary schools in those areas.
• Northeast Health District: Analyze spatial data on low birthweight to help the agency focus attention on the areas most in need of health interventions.
• Hancock Coalition against Displacement: Community members in Athens’ largely African-American Hancock neighborhood will assist in data collection and analysis to resist ongoing gentrification.
• Georgia Initiative for Community Housing: Assist housing teams in cities across the state doing digital data collection as part of a community housing assessment.
• Oglethorpe County Fire Association: Map fire stations, hydrants, and other infrastructure as well as parts of the county outside of a five mile buffer to plan for better service.

All undergraduate students are welcome to apply for these opportunities, but some previous background in GIS and spatial analysis and community engaged research is preferred. To do so, send a current resume, the name of at least one faculty or graduate student reference, and a brief statement describing your background and interest in one or more of the above projects to Dr. Jerry Shannon at Applications are due by Monday, April 23.

By applying for fellowships offered by UGA’s Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO), students selected for these opportunities may receive a financial stipend of up to $1,000 for their work on these projects. CURO Fellowship applications are due by June 1.

In addition to approximately five hours of research time each week, CURO students are expected to attend monthly group meetings, meet with Dr. Shannon biweekly, and write several short reflections on their work. Students may also choose to register for Geog4970H, a course that counts toward a Geography major. This would involve additional writing and additional meetings with Dr. Shannon.

The Community Mapping Lab is a collaborative group of students and faculty focused on visualizing spatial data in ways that empower communities, shape understanding of important issues, and have an impact on public policy. More information is available on the lab’s website.

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