Essay Guidelines

Final essay guidelines for GEOG 3990 Internship in Geography

Each person who signs up for GEOG 3990 Internship in Geography must submit a final essay. The essay should, if possible, be submitted to the internship coordinator during final exam week of the semester in which the internship was completed. If an internship cannot be finished by the final exam week, then an "I" (incomplete) will be submitted. The grade will be changed (S or U) when the final essay is submitted.

The final essay should be no less the five (5) pages long and should include the following items:

  1. Where did you do your internship?
  2. What did your job entail?
  3. What was your work schedule?
  4. Did you do meaningful work?
  5. Was there any geography in your internship?
  6. Was the internship a good learning experience?
  7. Would you recommend your employer to prospective geography interns?
  8. Your overall evaluation
  9. Any personal observations that you wish to include

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