Environmental Change Laboratory

The Environmental Change Laboratory (ECL) and its members are dedicated to using the biological, chemical, and physical properties of lake sediment to reconstruct long-term and recent patterns of climate change in the Inter-mountain West of the United States, the central Canadian Arctic and the Ohio River Valley. Our primary objectives at the ECL involve identifying the forcing factors behind long-term and recent climate change, and to trace the impact of these…Read more

Geomorphology Laboratory

The Geography Department houses a 1000 sq ft Geomorphology Laboratory in Room 210 of the GGS Building. It is equipped for standard analysis of soil, sediment, water, and plant materials. Standard procedures include particle size analysis by the pipette, hydrometer, and sieve methods, organic carbon analysis by combustion and wet oxidation methods, carbonate mineral analysis with a Chittick apparatus, standard mineral analyses with a petrographic microscope,…Read more 

Luminescence Dating Laboratory

The University of Georgia Luminescence Dating Laboratory began operations in early 2002. The lab has produced more than 300 OSL ages (from 140 years to 120,000 years) for aeolian, fluvial, lacustrine, and marine sediments, as well as pottery, artifacts and secondary carbonate. Chronologies have been developed for archaeological sites in Botswana and the U.S. The laboratory has mainly RISØ equipment and OSL ages are obtained using the reliable single-aliquot,…Read more

Center for Geospatial Research

The Center for Geospatial Research (CGR) promotes geographic thinking and the application of geospatial technology in interdisciplinary research, education, and public service. We apply our history of expertise in remote sensing, photogrammetry, GIS, geovisualization, and field surveys to uncover the spatial aspect in any research. Our internationally recognized work in natural and cultural resources, terrain analysis, and spatio-temporal modeling addresses…Read more

Climatology Research Laboratory

The Climatology Research Laboratory (CRL) occupies 600 sq ft in the penthouse of the  Geography-Geology Building at The University of Georgia. The lab is surrounded by approximately 3000 sq ft of green roof, which dates to the construction of the building in 1960. The green roof is shared with other geographers  and has a realtime weather station providing updated observations every 2 minutes. As a participant in the UNIDATA program, the CRL receives…Read more

Tree-Ring Laboratory

The Tree-Ring Laboratory was established in 1995 to provide space for processing, measuring, and storing tree cores and slabs collected in conjunction with dendroecological research. The Tree-Ring Laboratory is housed in Rooms B33 and B37 of the Geography/Geology Building on the campus of the University of Georgia; it includes approximately 350 square feet of finished space, with countertops, sink, and cabinetry in an integrated work space for processing and…Read more