Graduate Certificates

Atmospheric Sciences

The University of Georgia's Atmospheric Sciences Program addresses the needs of students interested in studying meteorology or climate science.

The University of Georgia’s Atmospheric Sciences Program addresses the needs of students interested in studying meteorology or climate science. The UGA Atmospheric Sciences Program offers certificate programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Graduate Requirements (18 hours total)

Contact the undergraduate coordinator, Dr. David Stooksbury (, at 706-583-0156 for more information.

The minimum course requirement for the Graduate Certificate in Atmospheric Sciences is 18 graduate semester hours beyond the undergraduate core [GEOG 3120, GEOG 4112, ENGR 4131, ENGR 4111, and a 3000/4000 level climatology course]. Students must make-up any deficiency in their undergraduate preparation. Undergraduate core courses, even if taken at the graduate level, cannot be used to meet the requirements for the Graduate Certificate.

A. Graduate Committee and Thesis

The student’s advisory committee must have one member of the atmospheric sciences faculty outside the student’s major department. The advisory committee may require additional course work. Note: the requirement for an atmospheric sciences faculty member on a student’s advisory committee is only for students wishing to earn the Graduate Certificate in Atmospheric Sciences. The thesis or dissertation must have a major component related to atmospheric sciences.

B. Course Work

  1. Minimum of 15 hours in Atmospheric Sciences, including:
  2. At least one course in climatology
  3. No more than three courses may be from the same home department
  4. Courses from at least three home departments must be included
  5. Combined undergraduate and graduate course work must ensure a strong foundation in the knowledge, skills, and techniques to allow the student to conduct independent research in the atmospheric sciences. The student’s advisory committee or the graduate certificate academic committee may require additional course work.

Geography faculty affiliated with the Atmospheric Sciences Program

Grundstein, Andrew J.


Research Interests

Applied Climatology, Hydroclimatology, Cryospheric Studies


Knox, John

Professor and ATSC Advisor

Research Interests

Dynamics of weather and climate, geoscience education, atmospheric hazards, satellite remote sensing applications and meteorological applications of social media data


Mote, Thomas L.

Distinguished Research Professor, Associate Dean, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

Research Interests

Hydroclimatology, synoptic climatology/meteorology, applications of remote sensing


Porinchu, David

Associate Professor

Research Interests

biogeography, paleolimnology, paleoclimatology, water resources, climate change


Shepherd, J. Marshall

Georgia Athletic Association Distinguished Professor , Associate Head, Director for Program in Atmospheric Sciences

Research Interests

urban weather-climate, mesoscale weather processes, precipitation, tropical weather hazards, and satellite remote sensing